Pay Per Call Advertising works very well to get your message across to your target audience and helps increase your visibility online. Pay Per Call Advertising is usually used by affiliates or internet marketers who wish to promote their business through Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Call is simply an advertising model where the advertiser only pays the amount of calls made by users of an advertisement. Pay Per Call services charge per call, per transaction or per impression. Some Pay Per Call companies offer a free trial run of two weeks or up to a month, at which time you must use the service for a minimum of six months before you decide if it’s the right option for you.

The main advantages of pay per call advertising are: it is considerably cheaper than traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, telemarketing and other more expensive marketing methods; there is no need to maintain a list and database, you don’t have to hire sales personnel or build a sales team, your messages can be broadcasted continuously and your customers can make their own calls. However, there are disadvantages as well, such as the following: since all the calls are to your potential customers, it is possible that some customers will not be interested in your offers and may block your call flow, there’s no guarantee that people will actually make calls to your company, and finally, the effectiveness of pay per call marketing strategies is often dependent on the quality of your calls. In this article, we’ll go over some of the common mistakes people make with their Pay Per Call advertising.

Many affiliates make the mistake of purchasing leads rather than prospecting for new potential customers. Leads bought from a lead broker or lists bought from lead providers generally don’t result in qualified leads because they are either outdated or the leads do not meet the criteria set by an affiliate. Buying a list only works when you have a lot of people to market to. Pay Per Call advertising campaigns, on the other hand, work best when you have a qualified list of leads that you can easily market to.

Another common mistake with pay per call advertising is letting the sales process run rampant instead of ensuring that all messages are useful to your audience. Most affiliate marketers tend to get a bit too excited about sending out messages that generate interest and are then disappointed when these contacts do not turn into customers. This might be due to a few messages that were sent out but not enough people got interested in them and did not sign up for the product. You should identify what types of messages work best for your target audience and develop a plan around this. Alternatively, you should avoid using sales techniques that have a negative impact on your campaign.

Some affiliates make the mistake of confusing phone call leads with online lead generated list. While both are important, the latter is much more dynamic since it includes variables like age, location, and interests. Phone calls can be used to measure the number and quality of leads while online lists are considered more ideal since they are updated more often. As a rule of thumb, your affiliate phone call advertising campaign should be at least twenty percent preformed from online lists. This will ensure that you are targeting the right people and that the cost per action (CPA) is calculated accordingly. Your best option is to find an affordable provider who offers a CPA bid that is reasonable for both your budget and the target audience you are trying to reach.

The last mistake many affiliates make with their smartphone advertising is using the wrong keyword or a keyword that is very competitive for their product. The problem with most popular search terms is that they are often already crowded out by millions of other advertisers. For example, a common search term for affiliate networks is “affiliate network.” While there are some exceptions, it is very rare to find a keyword that is specifically targeted by an affiliate. In order to generate lucrative pay per call ads and convert traffic to your website, you need to choose a keyword that has little competition so that your ad and your conversion rate will be higher.

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