Flum Gio is an innovative disposable vape pen that offers an enticing variety of flavors. It features a wide range of flavors, including classic tobacco, fruity and quirky.

Unlike other vape brands, the Flum Gio is not rechargeable, which makes it a good choice for users who do not want to deal with cords and batteries. The device has an easy-to-hold design, which is perfect for users who travel.

Flum Gio has a stylish, eye-catching design. Its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for easier use, and a rubberized coating is applied for a comfortable grip.

It comes pre-filled with salt nicotine e-juice, which provides for a rich and satisfying flavor. Its battery lasts for about 3000 puffs.

Unlike most disposables, the Flum Gio disposable vape is also very compact. With an internal tank size of 8mls, it is also suitable for vapers who are on the go. In addition, the device is designed with a bottom airflow that allows for dense vapor.

Similarities to Flum Float

Flum Float is a unique vape device that comes in a variety of flavors. It’s a great device for beginners and a convenient way to transition from analog cigarettes. You can find Flum Floats at most online vape retailers and at your local smoke shop.

The device features a recessed LED light that glows a colored light through the plastic. This is a good way to know whether you have e-juice left in the tank or not.

The Flum Float is one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. It has a fun design and a wide variety of flavors.

There are fourteen different flavors available in the Flum Float line. Each one offers a different flavor profile. They include sweet desserts like Peach Gelato and Peppermint Polo, and a combination of straight-up fruit flavors, like Strawberry Ice Cream.

Flum Float is a salt nic vape, meaning that it contains nicotine salts. When you’re using Flum Float, you’ll be getting 50mg of nicotine.

Disadvantages of the Flum Float

If you have been considering trying a disposable vape, you may want to consider one of the Flum gios. It has a great looking design, and comes in a variety of flavors. While the device is convenient, you should take care to handle it properly.

Like other disposable vapes, the Flum Float has a draw-activated battery. This means you’ll have to make sure the unit is not exposed to sunlight. You should also avoid submerging the device in water. A battery that’s in contact with water can damage it.

The Flum Float has an extra-large 8-ml e-juice pod, which means it’s going to last a long time. However, the device only offers up to three thousand puffs, so you’re not likely to experience a full day of vaping.

Many users find that they like the Flum Float’s ease of use. The e-juice pod doesn’t have to be refilled, and it’s easy to carry. On top of that, the battery is self-contained.

Float vs Flum Gio

In our comparison, we’ll compare the popular Flum Float to the more recent and improved model, Flum Gio. These two disposable vaping devices provide a great value and a wide range of flavors. The Gio offers more color options and a more comfortable mouthpiece.

Both disposable vapes come with an 8ml pod that contains 5% nicotine salt e-juice. They both have an easy-to-use draw-activated design, but the Gio offers a more streamlined look and feel.

The Gio’s exterior is made of a rubberized material that makes it more durable. It also has ridges that make it easier to grip. Many users report that the flavors are very smooth and rich. Despite being a bit heavier than the Flum Float, the Gio still delivers a high level of performance.

On the other hand, the Flum Float has a plastic shell and isn’t designed to float. This means that it should never be submerged in water. If you do put it in water, you could damage the device.

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