How to Promote Your Business Listing on Social Networking Sites

If you have a small business, then you probably want to get your name out there as much as possible. One way to do this is to have a business listing on the popular social networking sites. There are three major platforms you can use for this. These are Facebook, Google Business Profile, and Foursquare.


Angie’s Business Listings is a website that offers businesses the ability to gain exposure through the use of reviews. The company offers two different membership options for businesses.

There are also a couple of other sites that offer similar opportunities to connect with local consumers. For example, Houzz is focused more on advertising and product sales, while Thumbtack offers less complaints.

When it comes to choosing an advertising platform, you have to decide whether you are willing to invest in your business or not. If you have a small budget, Angi’s Ads may be the right choice for you. Alternatively, you can choose to advertise on other platforms, such as Google My Business. However, you should be aware of the different costs involved.

The cost of Angi’s Advertising depends on the number of leads you receive. You can also buy ads, which put your business front and center. Angi has a loyalty program that provides additional features to enhance your experience.


If you own a local business, you might want to think about creating a Facebook Business Page. This will let you reach a captive audience of potential customers, while also providing you with the ability to promote sales.

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature called “Services.” The service uses a five star rating system and your Facebook profile to help users find businesses nearby. Essentially, it’s like a Yelp for local businesses.

To create a page, you will need to choose a category and a title. You will be able to add photos and videos, and select categories for your business.

Facebook’s services are designed to compete with Yelp and Google Maps. It’s a good idea to make your business page stand out from the competition.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile allows you to communicate with your prospective customers. It increases the odds of you capturing their attention, which may lead them to your store.

The Google Business Profile team will prompt you to fill in as much information as possible. This includes a red pin in the center of your location, which helps potential customers locate your store. Also, you can display your contact information, photos, menus, and service options.

You can post about seasonal events, new products and services, or other events that might be of interest to your prospective customers. This will drive traffic to your business and improve your rankings.

One of the best parts of this feature is that you can respond to user reviews. If someone posts a bad review, you can edit it to show a more positive side. Responding to comments makes your existing customers feel valued and may also help your future customers.


A Foursquare business listing is a great way to promote your brand. Your business will be able to display your hours of operation, photos, menus, and other information about your business. You’ll also have the option to create a special deal or post upcoming events.

To start a Foursquare business listing, you first need to create an account. This can be done using a Facebook account, Google account, or an e-mail address. Then, you need to pay $20 to get access to the business profile.

After that, you’ll have to fill out a detailed profile, which includes your business name, contact details, and other important information. If you’re a brick and mortar business, you’ll have to provide high-quality photos of your place. Also, be sure to include accurate keywords and keywords to help potential customers find you.


One of the best ways to promote your business is to add your listing to a local directory. This will allow customers to easily find your business. Having an accurate and up to date listing will help you gain more business and customers.

The YellowBot is a community-driven local search site. A user can enter their zip code and get a list of matching companies. Some of the listings even display how far away a particular company is from their home.

You can get a free listing or pay a nominal fee to get your business listed. There are also packages that include more features such as reputation management, website hosting, and more. In addition to its local directory features, YellowBot has an intriguing and useful about page.

The Benefits of Custom Airbrush Murals and Art of Your Mind

When looking at art, you engage multiple brain regions. This means that the activity is more than just a pleasant way to spend a few minutes. It may also lead to better health and more efficient brain functioning. For example, research has shown that looking at artwork can boost neurotransmitters like dopamine. These chemicals help with focus and concentration. In addition, they can reduce stress and anxiety.

Art can boost a person’s mental clarity, memory and focus. It can also reduce stress, increase self-esteem and improve social behavior. For those with a history of psychiatric disorders, it can provide a means of maintaining their identity and combating symptoms of illness.

One of the most intriguing effects of art is how it changes the structure of the brain. In particular, it helps to activate and strengthen neural pathways between both hemispheres of the brain. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, this can help slow the progression of the condition. It can also promote a sense of accomplishment, helping the patient feel better about themselves.

Creating or viewing a piece of art is a great example of the simplest form of cognitive stimulation. For example, a study comparing the effects of visual arts and playing musical instruments found that participants in the art-making group had more dopamine in their blood stream. This chemical is known as the motivation molecule, and it increases drive, resists impulses and boosts concentration. It is also associated with feelings of happiness and romance.

In addition, it is said that art can stimulate the creation of new neural pathways, helping to keep the mind sharp and alert. These pathways can even prevent Alzheimer’s. In fact, an artist can create a work of art that will help to slow the progression of the disease.

The benefits of doing art can be felt by all, from experienced artists to those who have never been in the studio. A 35-minute walk around a gallery can be a good way to relieve stress and exhaustion. And a creative pursuit can give a dementia patient a sense of accomplishment.

While no one knows exactly how art affects the brain, researchers are sure to learn more in the near future. If you’re interested in finding out how art can benefit you, check out our list of programs. Each program can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you are a student, teacher, or a hobbyist, there is a program to suit your style.

If you are looking to engage your creative side, look no further than art of your mind. This specialized series of presentations is designed to engage the mind and spark renewed creativity. No prior knowledge of art is required to participate, and you’ll be challenged to think creatively. Each session lasts approximately an hour. You can choose a presentation that focuses on a specific area of interest or take the entire course. With a wide variety of topics to choose from, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.