If you’re a homeowner in Winston-Salem NC, a cleaning service can save you time and stress. These professional house cleaners are bonded, insured, and background checked to help ensure your safety.

Before you hire a house cleaning pro, be sure to communicate what you want them to do. This way you’ll get a thorough job done.

Office Cleaning

Many businesses based in Winston-Salem NC have a need for dependable office cleaning services. A clean, inviting workspace is essential for attracting new employees and maintaining a healthy work environment. A janitorial team can keep your space looking great and free of contaminants, leaving you with a comfortable place to work that will inspire your staff to give their best each day. Whether you need a full-scale office cleaning or just one-time assistance, we can help. We’re a commercial cleaning service that focuses on quality, value and customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our janitorial services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Health Care Facility Cleaning

Health care facilities have unique cleaning needs compared to other types of businesses. They have to follow HIPAA compliance and are under much more advanced sanitation requirements. This means that healthcare facilities must have a highly-trained team of professional cleaners to ensure that they are disinfecting and sanitizing every area. This can be a big task for busy facilities managers, and hiring a professional cleaning service can take away some of the stress and free up your time. At Cleaning Service for Winston-Salem NC, we can provide your healthcare facility with medical cleaning services that are customized to meet the needs of your business.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a critical home maintenance task. It helps protect your roof, siding, and landscaping from water damage.

Professional gutter cleaning services typically include the removal of tree leaves, dirt, roofing materials, and other debris from your gutters to prevent clogging. They also flush your gutters to ensure they’re working properly.

Ideally, gutters should be cleaned twice a year in the spring and fall. However, your location and the number of trees surrounding your property can determine whether you need to clean them more often.

Hiring a professional to do the job can save you time and money in the long run. They’re more likely to perform the job correctly and safely. Plus, they have the proper equipment to access high gutters.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Keeping your tile floors looking their best is no small feat. Over time, the dirt, grime and bacteria in and on your tiles accumulates and can lead to a dull or dingy appearance.

One way to avoid this problem is with a regular tile and grout cleaning service from Cleaning Service for Winston-Salem NC. Using specialized cleaning solutions and industrial equipment, we can get your tile & grout looking new again in no time flat.

We offer a wide variety of tile and grout cleaning services, so whether you have a small bathroom or a large commercial facility in need of high-end floor care, our team can help. Give us a call today! You can even request a free quote online, or give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff. Our number one priority is your complete satisfaction with our service. We look forward to helping you keep your tile and grout clean for years to come!

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